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Jack Squat No Alcohol Mixed Wine Dozen (12 bottles)

Jack Squat No Alcohol Mixed Wine Dozen (12 bottles)

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Tamburlaine was established in 1966. In 1985 the Hunter winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director, Head of Grape and Wine Production, Mark Davidson. Mark has built his long-term winemaking philosophy around Contemporary Organic practices in the vineyard and the winery. Through years of research and development, we have become one of Australia’s largest producers of organic wines with vineyards in the Hunter Valley and Orange region. 

Named after Christopher Marlowe's famous play and character ‘Tamburlaine the Great’, we work to lead the way with our Contemporary Organics vision, successfully producing award-winning organic, vegan-friendly, low sulphur and no added sulphur wines.

We've gently removed the alcohol from this premium range of wines, leaving natural aromas and flavours from all your organic favourites. It's the perfect dealcoholized alternative for any occasion.

Best consumed the day of opening.

These wines are vegan-friendly.

Each Case contains:

Jack Squat No Alcohol Rose x 3

Jack Squat No Alcohol Cabernet Sauvignon x 2

Jack Squat No Alcohol Chardonnay x 2

Jack Squat No Alcohol Pinot Gris x 2

Jack Squat No Alcohol Shiraz x 3

Alc: 0%
Vintage: Various
Case: 12 Bottles
Size: 750ml

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