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Wood Fired Coffee Organic 500g Ground

Wood Fired Coffee Organic 500g Ground

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Organically Grown and Roasted

Wood Fired Coffee Organic is not only grown organically we are the only coffee in the marketplace roasted organically. Unlike conventional roasters our slow roast wood fired process uses absolutely no chemicals or gas ensuring that impurities found in conventional gas roasters are not transferred to the beans leaving us with a truly organic product to enjoy as nature intended.

Single Origin

Wood Fired Coffee Organic is sourced from multi generationally owned estates in the world renowned Marcala region of Honduras. Our high grown mountain beans are hand harvested from low yielding plantations at an elevation of between 1100 – 1600 meters above sea level using traditional farming techniques ensuring the highest purity and quality green beans.

Tasting Notes

Wood Fired Coffee Organic is creamy in texture and displays robust toffee honey flavours underlined by buttery dark chocolate. The finish is a soft and floral delicate blend of ripe pear and freshly roasted peanut.

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