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Wood Fired Coffee Decaf 500g Beans

Wood Fired Coffee Decaf 500g Beans

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The Mountain Water Decaf Difference

So why does our Decaf taste so great? Well aside from sourcing the highest quality beans from one of the best growing regions in the world it’s our mountain water process that sets us apart.

Using naturally melted glacial water from the Pico De Orizaba Mountain our beans are steamed gently and soaked numerous times in pristine water without the use of any chemicals. This means it’s only caffeine that is removed from the bean leaving all the flavour, body, and aroma for you to enjoy.

Single Origin

Wood Fired Coffee Decaf is sourced from carefully selected estates in the Chiapas region of Mexico. The beans sourced from here are world renowned for their delicate richness, the result of being grown slowly at high altitude on the lush mountain slopes of the Sierra Madre Chiapas which is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Tasting Notes

Wood Fired Coffee Decaf is smooth and creamy with a round and lasting full body. It displays pleasant, honeyed notes of nutty dark chocolate finishing in orange toffee sweetness with subtle lemon overtones


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