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Wood Fired Coffee Capsules (Nespresso Capatible) - 60 Capsule Carton

Wood Fired Coffee Capsules (Nespresso Capatible) - 60 Capsule Carton

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Northern Beaches Coffee Roasters have specially formulated our unique blend of Wood Fired Coffee Beans for you to enjoy in the convenience of a capsule. You can now enjoy the same level of excellence you would expect from your local coffee shop in the comfort of your home or office.

Roasted Slowly

Most great things take time. Our beans are slow roasted in our custom made woodfire roaster fuelled by a select blend of reclaimed Ironbark, Yellow box, and Mahogany speciality wood. The heat derived has a higher moisture content resulting in a coffee that is low in acidity and bitterness with a delicate balance of full body and flavour.

Single Origin

To achieve our signature Wood Fired Coffee Premium Blend taste profile, we have sourced the highest quality beans from world renowned growing regions. Each plantation offers unique characteristics that come together to create the perfectly balanced symphony of flavour that makes up the signature roast.

Brazilian Santos Fancy – Cocoa, buttery, nutty chocolate flavours.

Ethiopian Sidamo – Tea, lemon, and subtle fruit flavours.

Indian Kaapi Royale – Smooth, silky, and chocolate full palate flavours

Tasting Notes

Wood Fired Coffee displays sweet, soft, honey-like flavour, blended with hints of subtle caramel and nutty roasted tones. Medium to full body richness, it has memorable finishing flavours of bittersweet chocolate, and a touch of malt.


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