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Wood Fired Coffee Australian Ground - 500g

Wood Fired Coffee Australian Ground - 500g

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Single Origin

Wood Fired Coffee Australian is sourced from the Dimbulah Mountain Estate in the Paddy’s Green area of the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. The name “Dimbulah” was given to this most fertile area by our First Nations people and translates as “The long watering hole”.

At an elevation of 472 meters above sea level, interestingly Dimbulah Estate sits at 17 degrees of latitude south of the equator, the same latitude as the world-famous coffee producing Jamaica Blue Mountains to the North.

Tasting Notes

Wood Fired Coffee Australian is proudly Australian Owned, Grown and Roasted. Full in body and displaying a rich and sweet chocolate like flavour. This velvety smooth coffee has distinct elements of marzipan and freshly baked biscuit. The long finish is of subtle caramel malt and nutty roasted tones.

Roasted Slowly

Most great things take time. Our beans are slow roasted in our custom made woodfire roaster fuelled by a select blend of reclaimed Ironbark, Yellow box, and Mahogany speciality wood. The heat derived has a higher moisture content resulting in a coffee that is low in acidity and bitterness with a delicate balance of full body and flavour.

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