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Australian Wellness Co. ESSENTIAL DUO. Multipurpose Hero Balm 1.06oz/30g + Body Rescue Relaxation spray 4.22oz/125ml

Australian Wellness Co. ESSENTIAL DUO. Multipurpose Hero Balm 1.06oz/30g + Body Rescue Relaxation spray 4.22oz/125ml

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Pack contains:
1 x Hero Balm Multipurpose [Papaya + Organic Coconut Oil] 1.06oz/30g
1 x Body Rescue Relaxation spray [Magnesium + Organic Aloe vera] 4.22oz/125ml

100% Natural  I  Vegan  I  Cruelty-free  I  Made in Australia

Hero Balm. Multipurpose go-to balm.

  • Nourish and restore dry + chapped lips
  • Soothe baby’s diaper rash + mother’s cracked nipples
  • Soothe shaving rash + irritated skin
  • Relieve eczema itchiness + redness
  • Heal minor burns, cuts, grazes
  • Relieve insect bites
  • Skin barrier on cheeks + lips in cold, wind + sun 
  • Soften hardened skin, nails + cuticles
  • Moisturize + nourish dry skin patches 

Hero Balm is an essential household product for daily use. Keep a tube in your bathroom cabinet, work space and in your bag for on-the-go use.

Body Rescue. Magnesium Aloe relaxation spray.

  • Relax tired, aching muscles + cramps
  • Enhance muscle recovery after sports + gym training
  • Reduce body inflammation  + discomfort
  • Improve relaxation + better sleep quality
  • Alleviate or prevent migraines + tension headaches
  • Improve PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating + irritability
  • Improve mood + general sense of wellbeing

Spray Body Rescue onto your body after a warm shower and/or before bed to relax your muscles, invoke a sense of calm and prepare you for a rejuvenating night's sleep. Keep a bottle handy in your gym bag and on your bedside table. Body Rescue will quickly become a part of your nightly bedtime routine.


"Your products worked wonders. I gifted your Body Rescue spray to my girlfriend who had aching muscles. She applied it in the evening and in the morning all her pain was gone. And your Hero Balm really made sure that my lips stayed hydrated and smooth. A big thank you!" 
- Nika M, Croatia

"Kids and I are loving Hero Balm! Perfect for dry hands after all that washing to keep Covid-19 at bay."
- Klara H, Sweden

"I've always suffered from very dry skin, especially my hands and cuticles. Hero Balm has been my saviour! My husband and I love to go sailing so will definitely take Hero Balm with us from now on."
- Elisabeth J, Sweden

"Hero Balm is the best! It feels so nice and smooth and within a few days brought my really cracked, sunburnt lips back to life!"
- Kate M, Australia

"Hero Balm is great! We've had cold weather and my little boy's cheeks are dry and irritated, so I put Hero Balm on him last night before bed and today the redness has really reduced."
- Cassie B, Australia

"I started using Body Rescue for my period cramps and it worked wonders! I use it every month and have recommended it to all my friends. I'm also a violinist, so every time a muscle aches, there is Body Rescue!"
- Gaby B, Germany

"I think you 2 sisters have made my husband so happy, because since I started using your Body Rescue, I sleep well and don't snore anymore! (says husband). Happy times!"
- Elisabeth C, Sweden

"Love the Body Rescue spray! My legs fell asleep. So relaxing. It’s amazing! I’m really surprised by the effect."
- Hampus E, Sweden

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