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Wood Fired Coffee Beans
Experience the Richness and Deep Delicious Aromas and Flavours of High-Quality Wood Fired Coffee Beans In The Comfort of Your Home

From a small family run company in Sydney, with a love of coffee in their blood, comes this expertly crafted Wood Fired Coffee Beans!

The carefully selected blend include Brazilian Santos Arabica, Ethiopian Arabica, Indian Monsoon Malabar Arabica, Honduras Bourbon Arabica, and South East Asian Robusta beans

Each blend is medium to dark roasted, allowing for the development of flavours, body, and aromas

Wood-roasting coffee beans allows the natural humidity within the wood to envelop the beans during the roasting process, which preserves more lipids, provides a more even roast, and creates an overall higher cup quality

As soon as you smell the aromas and taste the flavours of Wood Fired Coffee you will fall in love with every cup!

Have a bag or two delivered to your door for free and flex your inner barista skills! (Excludes delivery to NT)

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