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Super Premium Imperial Collection Faberge Egg Vodka
Save $1500 on a Bottle of Imperial Collection Faberge Egg Vodka

Styled after the world renowned Carl Faberge works, this uniquely designed egg was produced with exquisite skill and experience. The surface of the egg is covered with coloured enamel simulating natural process minerals. Enamel protects the surface of this egg and gives the product a special elegance.

Embossed metal inlay placed on the surface of the egg is covered with natural gold; also with gold are covered legs in shape of the winged lions and an eagle surmounting the egg. The set includes a gold-placed bracket for glasses and decorative cap over the bottle which is decorated with a large ruby colour strass. The work on the embossed gilding is one of the most difficult stages and is performed by one of the oldest specialized companies.

All the decorative details are covered with 24-carat gold. The final element of the composition is the graceful and elegant golden eagle eggs. It's development was largely in part by one of the most famous Florentine masters who has worked for more than thirty years in the Vatican at the invitation of the Pope.

What's inside the bottle is just as delicate and takes as much patience to produce. With home grown wheat and rye in Russia, water from Lake Ladoga is taken during the fermentation process of this high quality vodka. Being the largest freshwater lake in Europe, the water in it is known to have special properties which get infused into the vodka. The vodka is filtered through birch charcoal 5 times, before going through quartz sand and even algae.

A stunning addition to your living space as well as a total delight to your senses, this spirit is sure to make a lasting impression. Get this one of a kind beverage shipped directly to your door for free with this purchase (excludes Northern Territory).

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