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Red Army Limited Release Vodka

Drink Like a Russian with Genuine Kalashnikov Lux Grade Vodka! This Smooth Vodka is Made of the Finest Spirit and Comes in a Limited Edition Crystal Replica of the Legendary Russian Assault Rifle

Experience two of Eastern Europe's biggest exports: Vodka and the Kalashnikov.

Kalashnikov Red Army Vodka begins with the finest spirit and crystal clear spring water resulting in an incredibly smooth taste with subtle notes of honey and vanilla. This premium Polish vodka comes in a 1L glass replica of the legendary Russian assault rifle, the AK-47. It is then housed in a green wooden ammunition box complete with a metal handle.

In addition, the box includes a hand-grenade shaped flask filled with fine herbal liqueur and six shot glasses with "Red Army" emblems!

A must-have for vodka lovers and collectors alike, take advantage of free shipping to Sydney and Melbourne metros!

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