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Queen St Delicatessen
A Fine Range of Cheese, Antipasto, Meals, Soups & Salads

Queen Street Delicatessen was established in 1954, developing its range from a simple deli to one aligning itself with the ever-changing food trends and tastes of its local Woollahra community.

With humble roots, Queen Street Delicatessen soon started offering imported and hand-selected local fine foods including gourmet cheese, antipasti, imported and local cold meats, pasta and sauces. Their aim was to provide locals with the freshest range of tasty, wholesome and quality food, so over two decades ago, the delicatessen begun offering a delicious array of pre-cooked home-style meal and soups for their loyal customers. Bearing healthy eating habits in mind, their dedicated chef Mel, has been preparing these meals for over 10 years with her small batch recipes constantly evolving into the neighbourhoods most popular menu. Here's your chance to get a taste of what Queen Street has to offer.

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