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Pana Chocolate
Raw, Organic & Handmade. Love Your Insides.

Pana Barbounis founded Pana Chocolate in Melbourne, Australia with the intention of creating a rich, luxurious chocolate the whole world could enjoy.

A chocolate that made people stop, if only for a moment, to enjoy a myriad sensations: cacao melting on the tongue, surprising bursts of citrus or herb, natural sweetness, the character of coconut; a sophisticated chocolate that is at once smooth and textured, sweet and spicy.

Made from vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, organic ingredients with no added sugar, and produced using minimal heat (raw). Chocolate that loves whats within, as well as the earth it came from.

From making, packing and riding around on his scooter delivering each bar, to growing his team to deliver thousands of packages of love around Australia, and now - the world.

This is the story of Pana Chocolate, and it continues with you.

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