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Kitchen Green

100% Handmade, Gluten-Free Sweet & Savoury Treats

Shortcrust pastry. Sweet tarts. Banana bread. Brownies. Now, what if we told you it's all gluten-free, and all lick-the-bottom-of-your-plate delicious?

Cherie Lyden and Lyndi Hill are the masterminds behind Kitchen Green; a fun and fresh business hand-making 100% gluten free products from scratch. They're dedicated to changing perceptions of gluten-free food; in fact their products look and taste so good we bet you wouldn't even realise they were gluten-free (except that we just gave the game away...).

Order as much as you like from as many of our Sydneys Finest partners as you like, and pay a flat rate delivery fee of $9.95. Plus, order by 8pm for next day delivery (2-6pm).

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